Signs of a healthy Women

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A Woman’s health relies on having sufficient nutritional balance to nourish all the organs in the body, produce a correct balance of hormones to regulate the monthly cycle and have efficient removal of toxins to keep the body strong and healthy. Dealing with life’s stresses, eating the right food in accordance to one’s individual constitution, exercising regularly and enjoying life are the basics that lead to good health and well-being..

Signs of good health:

  • A healthy appetite and a balanced desire for food without cravings.
  • Appreciation of the flavour of food and feeling satisfied after eating.
  • Good digestion without any signs of discomfort, belching, flatulence or grumbling. Balance weight for age and height.
  • Clear voice.
  • Absence of any pain or discomfort.
  • Proper functioning of the senses; hearing, feeling, seeing, tasting and smelling with appreciation of the life around you.
  • Clear complexion and lustrous skin.
  • Appropriate length and quality of sleep (6-8 hours).
  • Regular elimination of stool, urine and sweat that have normal consistency and do not have unusually strong odours.
  • A regular, pain free, PMS free, hassle-free menstrual cycle.
  • Absence of tender breasts at time of menstruation.
  • Good energy and stamina and ability to exercise.
  • Enthusiasm for life with an alert and creative mind.
  • Balanced emotions; neither too happy with success not too sad in times of difficulty.
  • Ability to manage life’s daily stresses.


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