Ayurveda Galway

Orna Canavan, native of Galway, and founder practitioner of Ayurveda Galway has always been interested in alternative medicine. However it was while she was travelling through Asia fifteen years ago that she first came across an ancient Indian system of natural medicine called Ayurveda. It was there her journey began.

Since then she has been training and working in the field of Ayurveda. Over this time Orna has become aware of how lifestyle choices such as diet, routine and habits, exercise and mental attitudes can be the basis of profound healing as well as the cause of disease.

Having embarked on some lengthy cleansing and rejuvenating programs (panchakarma) herself, Orna has personally experienced the deep healing benefits of ayurveda and has been witness to profound healing in others. She feels a strong desire to incorporate this timeless wisdom and science into the West and is getting great satisfaction from helping clients and seeing the interest in ayurveda and is principles escalate.

Orna firmly believes that by supporting and guiding others to empower themselves and become aware that by even making small and simple adjustments to diet, lifestyle and mental attitudes they can experience profound improvement in their health and experience of life.

Orna has spent years studying in the UK, India and Sri Lanka and has participated in internships with Dr. Vasant Lad and Dr Sucheta Godbole in Pune, and has spent two winters working in retreat centres in Goa. She gained a deep understanding of Ayurvedic herbs while working for an organic ayurvedic herbal company in UK www.pukkaherbs.com. Orna was the tutor for their distance learning course ‘An Introduction to Ayurveda’ for some time. She is a full member of the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association’ www.apa.uk.com and has full professional indemnity insurance. She now runs her practice from Galway.

Orna Canavan

BA (Hons) Ayurvedic Studies, Dip. Ayurvedic Medicine, Certificate in Ayurvedic massage (International Institute of Ayurveda) & ITEC distinction in Anatomy, Physiology & Massage.