Discover your constitution and receive diet, lifestyle & herbal recommendations

An Ayurvedic consultation is will help you regain and maintain your health.

What to expect

Because Ayurveda has such a holistic approach to health we will discuss all aspects of your life during a consultation. Your diet, digestion, sleep patterns, energy levels, lifestyle, habits, emotions and mental state will be addressed. In accordance with these findings a personal program including lifestyle, diet, herbs, meditation, yoga and traditional ayurvedic treatments may be recommended. You will be advised which foods to eat, when to eat, quantity of intake, habits to avoid and activities to incorporate into your daily routine.

Disease manifests differently in each of us according to our own health tendencies and constitutional make-up, therefore ayurvedic recommendations are unique, personal and individually tailored for you. If herbs are prescribed they may be in a tincture, powder, infusion or tablet and usually need to be taken 2-3x/day. Instructions will be given.

A follow up consultation is usually recommended 3-4 weeks later to discuss progress or make any changes to your diet & lifestyle plan or herbal remedies if necessary. The length of treatment depends on factors such as how long one has suffered from the imbalance and the body’s ability to adapt.

Initial Consultation 1hr 15mins –  €80 includes optional free 10 min pre consultation phone call

Online Consultation 1hr –  €80 includes optional free 10 min pre consultation phone call

Follow up Consultation €45


All consultations are confidential and adhere to the APA Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct for Ayurvedic Practitioners: and conduct

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