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I had 5 sessions with Orna at a time when my sleep patterns were very disturbed and I was waking at 2/3 a.m. every night. Orna’s treatment was very comprehensive massage, Shirodhara treatment and the prescription of herbs. She also gave me advice on lifestyle changes I needed to make to help improve my sleep. I found the massage and the Shirodhara treatments to be very relaxing and comforting at a time when I was very anxious about the insomnia. I had tried several different insomnia treatments (including a fruitless and expensive visit to a doctor) and was very relieved to find something that helped!

Mura Tierney

Primary School Teacher
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I had the gift of experiencing the traditional Abhyanga Massage. Orna delivers this magical form of massage in a genuine artistic manner. The true art of the Science of Life that is Ayurveda can be felt expressed in the delivery of her work within a nurturing healing environment. It is special to have this ancient wisdom, this form of medicine and way of healing growing and spreading here in Galway.

Grainne Flannery

Physiotherapist & Yoga Teacher