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Cleansing & Rejuvenating Programs

Ayurveda Half Day program                                                                                         


cleansing-01To get a taste of the profound healing and nourishing effects of the ayurveda, this half-day immersion will be ideal.

Whether one is looking for a healthier way of living, wants to gain insight into an existing health concern or simply wants to treat oneself or another, one will emerge feeling deeply relaxed and revitalised.

Ayurvedic diet & lifestyle consultation
2 hours of ayurvedic treatments
Light refreshments

Rejuvenating program (4 days)


cleansing-06To feel the profound effects of the healing and nourishing ways of ayurveda, this four day immersion will be memorable.

As well as an initial diet & lifestyle consultation, each day you will receive a combination of two rejuvenating treatments such as herbal oil massage, warm bolus massage, shirodhara, nasya, heart dhara, and a daily steam which will be followed by a rejuvenating herbal enema (optional).

Herbal remedies may also be recommended to assist the process. This is an excellent program for when one is feeling fatigued or stressed, suffering from SAD, during the change of seasons; especially spring and fall.

It can help support life style changes and rejuvenates body and mind as the basis of health and wellbeing.

Longer personally tailored cleansing programs are also available